On the initiative of the Medical Simulation and Innovation Center of the Medical University of Warsaw and the Termini company, COVID.Termini.app was created, the first Polish application that helps diagnose patients infected with coronavirus without the need to visit a doctor. When applied on a large scale, it will be able to relieve the health service and provide data on the course of the disease.
The creation of the COVID.Termini.app application, which was created as part of the patient registration system project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development (NCBiR), is the result of the work of a 7-persons team of programmers at Termini. The project was initiated by the Medical Simulation and Innovation Center of the Medical University of Warsaw (CSMI WUM) in consultation with the Department of Medical Informatics and Telemedicine of the Medical University of Warsaw. This is the first such solution in Poland and one of the first in Europe.

- The main goal we have set for ourselves is to relieve the Polish health care system by automating activities at certain levels of patient care. The application will help you choose people who may already be infected, even if they are not experiencing symptoms of infection yet. It will also indicate whether a given patient needs a direct medical consultation or can stay at home, where his condition will be monitored on an ongoing basis - says Dr. Marcin Kaczor, president of CSMI MUW. - Using the application does not, of course, replace the examination, but thanks to the analysis of the three basic parameters, it enables the acceleration of diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

COVID.Termini.app is now available online and fully ready for use, but it will be activated only when administrators appear in the system (they can be medical facilities, but also local governments) who purchase a subscription to use it.

Information on the operation of the application can be found at: https://covid-info.termini.app

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