WUM Investment is creating a space focused on people and their well-being. It creates an environment for the exchange of ideas, sharing knowledge, and developing business solutions aimed at improving quality of life. We are open for innovation.

The office located at the centre of the MUW medical-academic campus allows ongoing interaction with highly-qualified medical and scientific personnel as well as access to a large student population from the Medical University of Warsaw. The immediate proximity of institutes, research centers and laboratories offers boundless possibilities for research and development of new methods and technologies.

CSMI WUM is a unique venture initiated by the Medical University of Warsaw aimed at promoting the development of human resources and new technologies. Together with scientists and doctors of the Medical University of Warsaw, we implement innovations and educational projects in medicine.

We understand very well the needs and requirements of companies operating in the field of life sciences and that is why we invite:

  • The medical and pharmaceutical sector
  • The academic institutions
  • The medical and biotechnology industry
  • Life sciences sector (innovators and startups)

CSMI WUM carries out its mission by organizing post-graduate courses for:

  • doctors
  • dentists
  • laboratory diagnostician
  • nurses
  • paramedics

CSMI WUM provides a modern environment for acquiring professional knowledge and improving skills. It connects students, physicians and their mentors in practice, through on-going professional and academic development that continuously strives to promote professional excellence. Participants have the opportunity to improve their qualifications under the guidance of the best instructors from Poland and elsewhere the world.

The courses organized by CSMI WUM are practice-oriented. We respond to the needs and challenges that doctors and hospital employees face daily. Our workshops are conducted on the most modern simulators, as well as biological tissue. We provide modern equipment and respect global standards in conducting courses.

About CSMI WUM Sp. z o.o.

CSMI WUM Sp. z o.o. (formerly WUM Investment Sp. z o.o.) was established through the initiative of the Rector of the Warsaw Medical University in November 2017. The main goal of the company is to manage and consistently develop the Medical Simulation Centre of the Medical University of Warsaw. In August of 2018 an agreement was signed between the Warsaw Medical University and MMI Montreal Medical International Inc. (MMI), through which MMI became a shareholder.

MMI works closely with the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University in promoting international projects that draw upon the expertise of healthcare professionals affiliated with McGill. Its agenda covers the delivery of a wide range of medical and healthcare services, including training, education and knowledge transfer by healthcare professionals to state health agencies and healthcare centers around the world. As an experienced medical project contractor, MMI works with leading healthcare institutions in Canada and other countries, ensuring the implementation of best practices in the management and the delivery of healthcare services. The interdisciplinary approach enables MMI’s clients to build sustainable, independent health care programs based on the latest know-how in the field of medical technologies, education, research and development.

McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, is one of the best-known educational institutions in the world, valued above all for applying high academic and research standards in medicine. In the last decade, McGill University has become the absolute number one among medical schools in Canada and the seventh medical university in the world, which places it at the forefront of setting new trends in modern medicine.


The future headquarters of CSMI WUM and its Medical Simulation Centre is designed to the highest international standards. Modern equipment, phantoms of various purposes, simulators of the latest technologies and a highly-trained professional staff all contribute to the unique character of the centre. Original scenarios and training programs prepared in cooperation with our international partner will assist in improving the technique and skills of its participants all implemented at the level of a world-class medical simulation facility.

The CSMI WUM headquarters will possess a green building certification, energy efficiency parameters compliant with the WT2021 standard, an intelligent building management system (BMS), a building reception, security and 24/7 access, as well as numerous other amenities.